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TS-R2000 Digital Trunking Repeater


TS-R2000 series repeater is a communication device designed and produced for professional users. It provides a variety of communication formats, IP interconnection function and digital trunking function. It’s designed for public safety, utilities, transportation, energy industry, emergency rescue and other professional users to ensure that communication is always instant and available.

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TS-R2000 series repeater is a communication device designed and produced for professional users. It provides a variety of communication formats, IP interconnection function and digital trunking function.

Advanced radio frequency technology
The TS-R2000 series adopts a new generation of radio frequency technology with high sensitivity and high noise suppression. With the digital error correction function of the vocoder, clear voice can be forwarded in the harshest noisy environment.

The TS-R2000 series adopts an excellent radio frequency transmitter unit and a high-efficiency power amplifier module. Through a large-area aluminum alloy heat dissipation design, it can continuously emit at a high power of 50W. At the same time, this series successfully passed the LISHENG accelerated life test, providing all-weather and reliable communication with excellent quality.

SFR (single frequency repeater)
Single Frequency Repeater (SFR) is a technology that uses TDMA technology to rebroadcast two way radio transmissions on the exact same physical frequency.
It can simultaneously receives and transmits at the same time, on the same frequency.
It does this by utilising DMR’s two time slots concurrently. The SFR receives on one time slot, whilst transmitting on the other.

Multiple communication standards:dPMR/NXDN/DMR
The TS-R2000 series supports digital and analog communication, realizing an easy upgrade from analog to digital.

The TS-R2000 series adopts advanced signal processing technology. In dPMR/NXDN format, it uses 6.25kHz channel bandwidth to communicate in FDMA mode, and uses 12.5kHz channel bandwidth in DMR format to communicate in TDMA mode, which greatly improves spectrum utilization. (Change different communication standards through software)

Modular Design

TS-R2000 adopts a modular design concept. The control unit, transmitter unit, and receiver unit are independent, which greatly improves the reliability of the whole machine. It has a built-in professional power supply and has a space for duplexer installation.

IP controller: IP interconnection and cluster communication

The TS-R2000 series can be built-in intelligent IP controller. The controller adopts a highly reliable vehicle-grade 4-core processor, which has efficient computing efficiency and faster processing speed, making the traditional wireless communication system and IP network different from each other. Realize a perfect seamless connection between the two, expand the communication range and use functions of the wireless communication system.

The TS-R2000 series supports a new generation of TSITS intelligent wireless communication system, which can build conventional IP interconnection systems and digital IP cluster systems. In addition to realizing wireless communication functions, it can also realize functions such as positioning and scheduling. The system supports multiple data links such as wired networks, wireless bridges, 4G wireless and satellites, reducing the difficulty of design and construction, and flexibly matching the actual conditions of professional users.

Large touch screen operation
The TS-R2000 series uses a 5-inch industrial-grade touch screen to change various parameters through a convenient operation interface. For example: use different permissions to view or change information such as channels and sites.
TS-R2000 series can also use programming software and programming line to change various parameters through PC

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Output Power 5~50w
Channel interval 6.25kHz/12.5kHz/25kHz
Transmitting -36dBm(≤1GHz) 
FM Modulation 16K0F3E@25kHz 
Audio distortion ≤3% 
Audio response +1 ~ -3dB
Only DataVoice&Data
Only Data
FM Hum & Noise 40dB @12.5KHz
45dB @25KHz
Digital FSK Error 1.5%
Adiacent channel Power 60dB @125KHz
70dB @25KHz
Emission Spurious 36dBm(s1 GHz
30dBm(>1 GHz
Channel Spacing 6.25KHz 1 12.5KH2 1 25KH2
Sensitivity Analog 0.3μV(12dB SINAD) 
0.22μV(typ.) (12dB SINAD) 
0.4μV(20dB SINAD)
SensitivityDigital 0.28μV(3%BER@12.5kHz)
Channel Selective 62dB @6.25kHz
70dB @12.5kHz
75dB @25kHz
Inter-modulation 70dB
Block 95dB
Spurious Response 
Rated Audio Power
2.0W / 8Ω
Conducted Emission
Frequecy Range UHF1: 400-470 MHZ
UHF2: 450-520 MHz
UHF3: 350-400 MHZ
VHF: 136-174 MHz
Channel Capacity 600
Zone Capacity 32(MAX.32channel each zonel
Dimension (LxWxH) 420x483x132.5mm
Weight 15Kg
Input power (AC) 220V
Input voltage(DC) 13.6V+15%
Current(Standby) <800mA
Current(Emission) 11A
Receiver <1900mA
Frequency stability ±0.5ppm
Antenna lmpedance 50Ω
Vocoder type AMBE+2
REConnect Tx (N) 、Rx (N)
LCD 800*480pixel
65536color 5.0inch
Intelligent Ip Controller
CPU Freescale i.mx6Q 4Core
SD Connector Micro SD.Max 128G
Display Interface 24bit RGB
USB Connector Mini USB2.0 (OTG)
Network Interface 10/10011000 Mbps Ethernet

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