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Industry demand

Communications in a real-time and consistent manner are paramount for professionals in the hospitality sector, construction site operations, and residential community security. Lisheng offers cost-effective industry communications solutions tailored to meet the internal needs of various establishments, thereby enhancing guest service.


The LISHENG Solution is based on cloud computing technology, utilizing existing mature operator networks to achieve one KEY call IP radio. The entire system consists of public network servers, operator networks, dispatch desks, data management platforms, radio terminals, and applications. The solution can achieve real-time dispatching functions such as single call/group call, SMS, GPS and information management, remote control, recording, emergency warning, online status management, etc. It can provide communication systems of different scales to meet customized communication needs of different levels and user numbers. The solution provides a secondary development interface, which can be integrated and docked with the existing office platform of the enterprise. It provides comprehensive voice call and data communication applications. It provides communication support for enterprise users.

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