Firefighting/Forest/Emergency rescue/people's air defence/Disposal emergencies


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In recent years, various geological and climate disasters have emerged one after another, such as typhoons, earthquakes, fires, floods, hail and snow disasters, etc. With the continuous development of the social economy, various social security incidents, such as terrorist attacks and malicious destruction, are also increasing, and the losses caused by various events are also becoming more and more serious. The rescue scene often gathers rescue workers from various industries such as medical aid, news media, armed police officers and soldiers, and road transportation. The personnel come and go frequently, the users are dense, and ensuring smooth communication becomes an important foundation for ensuring the smooth progress of the entire disaster relief work.


The Lisheng Digital Emergency Command and Dispatch System applies multi-system collaborative dispatching, adopts a digital information integration system and an intelligent command and radio platform to create a comprehensive and flexible emergency communication solution, tailored to customers to create a comprehensive and three-dimensional emergency communication system and a faster, safer, more reliable, and more stable emergency communication private network.

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